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Book a Chartered Flight to Witness These Attractions and Activities in Tokyo


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Book a Chartered Flight to Witness These Attractions and Activities in Tokyo

Tokyo, located in East-Central Honshu, the capital city of the democratic parliamentary monarchy of Japan, is an enormously populated city that one must not miss to explore.

Tokyo is considered as among the most modern cities in the world when it comes to infrastructures and design, and the city is accessible, thanks to its amazing networks of the subway.

Tokyo’s cultural aspect is known because of its many museums, internationally renowned gastronomy, festivals and professional sports club alongside with traditional Japanese sports such as Sumo Wrestling. Tokyo is also rich in theatre and music, because of its many venues that feature almost everything like Japanese, modern dramas, pop and rock concerts and symphony orchestras.

The Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace is a wondrous Japanese Palace that houses to one of the world’s most subtle and mysterious Royal families. You can take a relaxing stroll in the beautiful Japanese gardens that’s surrounding the palace. And make sure to visit Marunouchi which is just after the palace. It is an area filled with shopping malls, culture and entertainment, bars, and restaurants.

Asakusa and the Sensō-ji Temple

In Tokyo’s Asakusa district, you will find the amazing Sensō-ji Temple, which is considered as the city’s most famous shrine. It towers at the end of a lengthy street where combs made from ebony and wood, masks, toys, carvings, fabrics, valuable paper goods and kimonos are on sale. The shrine is dedicated to the Buddhist goddess of compassion, Kannon, the temple was built in AD 645 and maintains its original look in spite of being rebuilt a lot of times.

Ueno Park and Zoo

Ueno Park has a land area of 212 acres, and it is Tokyo’s biggest green space and among its famous tourist spots. Aside from its beautiful grounds, the park also has an aquarium, a zoo and a lot of temples and museums to go to.

Ueno Park Zoo started in 1882 and is considered as the oldest zoo in Japan. The zoo is known for its pandas presented by the People’s Republic of China. The Aqua-zoo is also one of the biggest in the whole of Asia and is great particularly if you are visiting with children.

Tokyo National Museum

The Tokyo National Museum contains over 100,000 vital works of Japanese, Indian and Chinese art, which includes over 100 national treasures. It opened in 1938; the museum has high points like several Buddhist sculptures from China and Japan that date back from the 6th century to the present; numerous military equipment, old textiles and historical weapons; antique Japanese clothing and a collection of Asian ceramics.


Tokyo Skytree

You can’t miss the  Tokyo Sky tree, towering at 634 meters, this communications and observation tower stands out of the Sumida district of Tokyo like a big space rocket. Considered as Tokyo’s highest tower and the highest freestanding tower of the world. The tower provides an amazing panoramic view of the city from its observation decks and restaurant.

Kabuki-za Theatre

Tokyo has a lot of great theatres, including the notable Kabuki-za Theatre located in the Ginza district. It is home to renowned traditional Kabuki performances. The interior of the theatre normally accommodates 2,500 guests, is always warm and seems to be more affiliated to huge family gatherings instead of a stage show because viewers bring their foods or buy from the numerous restaurants all around the auditorium.

This vibrant city in The Land of the Rising Sun boasts one-of-a-kind attractions and activities, which will surely leave you in awe. Wish to visit Tokyo with your family and friends soon? There are tons of commercial flights that operate to Tokyo, but don’t like flying with impolite and noisy strangers?  Well, a chartered flight is perfect for you, and Charter Flight Group can assist you!