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Book a Chartered Flight to Explore New Orleans’ Top Tourist Attractions

The city of New Orleans is situated near the Mississippi River, Louisiana, which is considered to be the largest city and among the biggest inland ports in the entire America. New Orleans is a melting pot of various cultures. The cultural diversity of the city is shownin its food, music and its various festivals.

Travelers can discover a lot of things when visiting New Orleans. Whether if you are an avid sports fan, a history expert, an outdoor lover, music lover or an aspirant chef, there’s bound to have an attraction for you in New Orleans.

Steamboat Natchez River Cruise

Go for a cruise aboard the famous Steamboat Natchez along the Mississippi River. On the cruise, you will see wondrous sights, taste great food, and listen to wonderful music. Jazz bands are always present on the decks of the boat and also the steam-powered calliope or simply listen to the sounds of the river. The Steamboat Natchez has daytime cruises along with dinner with jazz music that features the famous Dukes of Dixieland.

Mardi Gras World

If you want to feel and experience the exciting Mardi Gras of New Orleans, then take a tour of the Mardi Gras world. Mardi Gras World produces various huge, attractive floats that march all over the streets every Mardi Gras in New Orleans and all over the world. The tour lets you witness floats being created from the ground up, you can also try on costumes for the Mardi Gras and even taste their famous king cake.

Jackson Square

The main square located in old town, in the center of the French Quarter, is where Jackson Square is. Along the surrounding trees and plants of the square’s center lies an equestrian statue of the General Andrew Jackson. You can also find the St. Louis Cathedral standing on the square. The Presbytere and Cabildo, which are both State Museums, can also be found around the square. The area near the iron fence is also ahang out area for a lot of artists and shops and restaurants abound the place too making it a great tourist spot.

French Quarter

The French Quarter or also known as Vieux Carre in New Orleans stretches along a curved shaped bend on the Mississippi. The building around this area has a strong French influence on them. The area has a mixture of jazz spots along various entertainment qualities, famous restaurants, vibrant cafes, shops, old hotels, and galleries, which are all renovated for the tourism industry.

Bourbon Street

Bourbon Street is the most famous street in New Orleans. Situated in the French Quarter, this street is famous for restaurants, jazz spots, and other entertainment options. This street is also vital from a historical point of view. You can find the Preservation Hall and the Absinthe House on this street. The Absinthe House is the place where Andrew Jackson and the leaders of the guerilla, Jean and Pierre Lafitte planned their crucial battle against the British.

Louisiana State Museum at the Cabildo

During 1795 the Cabildo was built to serve as the Spanish governor’s residence. It is important not only it’s a historic building but also for the collections that it contains. The Louisiana State Museum’s collection showcases the town and region’s rich history. To be specific, the museum centers on the people living in Louisiana and the various ethnic groups, which compose today’s population.

National WWII Museum

The National WWII Museum showcases the story of the soldiers of World War II through various artifacts, diaries, oral histories, film, and photographs. The complex offers a wide array of segments.

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