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Book a Charter Flight to Cuba

According to Dallas Morning News, the American Airlines and other US airlines are now ready to commence their operations allowing passengers to fly straight to Cuba as soon as everything is all set.

Just the day before the anniversary of truce between the two Cold War enemies, Cuban and U.S. officials have finally reached an agreement to allow more than a hundred regular direct flights from the U.S. to Cuba by U.S. carriers such as American Airlines, United Airlines and JetBlue.

In the absence of direct commercial flights, American travelers still seem to flock to the country. In 2015, travelers from the U.S. rose to more than fifty percent than the previous year. Many of these people might have taken charter flights if they travelled to Cuba by air. American Airlines offer charter flights from the U.S. to Cuba 23 times in a week from some of their hubs to five places in Cuba.

There is no exact schedule yet as to when the direct flights will start, but it will happen as soon as technical details are finalized. And, when they finally do, a surge of thousand American tourists are expected to come to the country.

With the possible rise of American tourists plus the influx of tourists from other places, a problem now arises from the country’s limited ability to accommodate the demand for their outdated hospitality facilities. Due to this, the Cuban government needs to limit the number of flights to make sure they can handle the increasing numbers of foreign visitors.

These direct flights are a dream come true to those who do business or wish to experience a holiday in Cuba. However, the deal does not mean any American can just book a flight to the country and immediately get into a plane. The twelve previous restrictions still apply. You can get official permission to travel from U.S. to Cuba only if your visit falls for these reasons:

  • visiting a family
  • involvement in a humanitarian project
  • journalistic activities
  • professional research
  • religious activities
  • people to people travel
  • educational activities
  • public performance such as participating in exhibitions and competitions
  • activities of educational institutions or private foundations
  • official government business under the U.S. or other foreign countries
  • authorization to perform carrier and forwarding services
  • delivery of internet-based products and services

Travelling to Cuba just to enjoy its beaches and other beautiful spots are still not allowed by the U.S. law, but this did not stop American tourists from flocking into the country based on the rising numbers in 2015.

Some of the airlines that expressed interest in applying for regular flights to Cuba are American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, and JetBlue. But, in the meantime, while both governments are in the process of working out to make the deal possible, people can get on charter flights to fly straight to Cuba.

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