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Boeing Business Jets


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Boeing Business Jets

The Boeing Business Jets are variations of the Boeing airliners intended for the corporate jet market, which was previously the 737 series. This plane normally accommodates 25 to 50 passengers inside a lavish structure. The interior may include amenities such as a master bedroom, conference/dining area, living area, and a washroom with showers. The Boeing Business Jet is a joint venture between General Electric and Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

The newest varieties of the BBJs include designs based on the Boeing 787, Boeing 777, and Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental.

The Boeing BBJ is mainly a 737 commercial structure with alterations to deliver a private air charter service. The BBJ1 is constructed on a 737-700 air frame, with features from the Boeing 737-800. The BBJ2 and BBJ3 models are made from the 737-800 and 737-900ER series, respectively. All of the models have modifications to the air frame irrespective of the BBJ series.

Modifications from the typical 737 include the following:

  • Blended winglets for added fuel efficiency of 3–5% improvement as stock (winglets are optional on airliner 737s)
  • Independent air stairs for landing at airports with restricted ground support
  • Extra fuel tanks, for international range
  • ETOPS-180 certification
  • After the introduction of the BBJ, Airbus followed after with its presentation of the Airbus ACJ based from its A319 commercial airframe. Airbus has also introduced the bigger A320 and the smaller A318 Elite. Other rivals for the market of smaller jets include the Gulfstream G550, Gulfstream G650, the Bombardier Global Express, and the Embraer Lineage.


Narrow-Body Models

  • BBJ, or less frequently BBJ1, is built on the 737-700 and made the foundation for the 737-700ER. This was the first variation. This is called as the C-40B Clipper in the United States Air Force service.
  • BBJ2 is based on the 737–800.
  • BBJ3 is based on the 737-900ER.
  • BBJ C is a variation of the BBJ that has the “quick change” capabilities of the 737-700C. This lets the aircraft to be utilized for exclusive duty in one flight, and to be rapidly changed for cargo duty for the next flight.
  • BBJ MAX 8 and BBJ MAX 9 are proposed variants of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 and 9.

Wide-Body Models

  • 747 VIP: variety of the 747-8 that Boeing Business Jet division ordered. Presently, there are seven orders of the aircraft. The VIP 747 is provided by BBJ in a “green” condition, which means that there are no interior fixtures so the owner can personally design it.  The range of the plane is     9,260 nmi (17,150 km).
  • 777 VIP: variety of the 777 that Boeing Business Jet division ordered. It is an improved variety of the 777-200LR with a range of 10,100 nmi (18,700 km). Presently, there are only two manufactured.
  • 787 VIP: variety of the 787-8/-9 that Boeing Business Jet division ordered. The company has ordered eight of this aircraft. Same with the 747, the VIP 787 is delivered by BBJ in a “green” condition. The −8 has a range of 9,590 nmi (17,760 km), and the −9 has a range of 9,950 nmi (18,430 km).