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Best Places to Fly Fall 2021 & Covid-19 Restrictions - Charter Flight Group

Best Places to Fly To This Fall 2021 – With Covid Travel Restrictions


September 6, 2021

Jordan Brown

If you, like most of the population, were cooped up inside of your house for the past several months, you are probably itching to travel. While road trips have become an increasingly popular way to travel, your car can only take you so far. Maybe you want to take a vacation. Perhaps you have to go global for work.

If you are wondering where to fly in the fall, there are plenty of places to go. A private jet is a safe option and can get you in the air within three hours of booking. Every destination has specific guidelines to help protect travelers during the pandemic, whether or not they are vaccinated.


Do you need some rest and rejuvenation? The Caribbean is one of the best places to fly in fall 2021.

Antigua and Barbuda have pristine beaches with white sand and crystal-clear water. Restaurants and bars are open and have protocols in place, which include wearing masks in enclosed public places. However, you can spend your time basking in the sun without a mask as long as you adhere to social distancing on the beach.

Antigua and Barbuda are comprised of three islands in the Caribbean. There are plenty of secret spots to visit if you rent a car and go exploring. Travelers to Antigua may take daily excursions to Barbuda during their visit.

When you are in Antigua, do not miss Half-Moon Bay, a crescent-shaped beach that is secluded from the rougher waters that surround other parts of the island. You can also join in on eco-tours, take a nature hike or head into town to take advantage of the quaint history and delicious cuisine.

Any traveler 5 years old or older must present a negative COVID-19 PCR test that was administered by a medical professional within the week before arrival.

Alentejo, Portugal

If you want to get off of the beaten path, a holiday in Alentejo, Portugal, might be ideal. This sleepy spot in the southern region of the country is full of rolling hills, picturesque castles and exquisite vineyards. you will still be able to catch the vast sunflower fields in bloom in early fall. If you are a beach-lover, you will not be disappointed by the dramatic coastline and rocky beaches.

Visitors ages 12 years and older must submit a negative COVID-19 test. If a PCR test is administered, it must be completed within 72 hours of your flight. If a rapid antigen test is administered, it must be taken within 48 hours of your flight.

The Netherlands

Americans are allowed to visit the Netherlands. If you are looking to visit a bustling city, hop a private jet to Amsterdam. While social distancing and masking rules are in place, you can still enjoy the restaurants, bars and local culture.

You might even find that the city is less crowded now than it was before the pandemic. Nightclubs are currently closed, and the streets are much quieter.

There are plenty of other beautiful places in the Netherlands. Texel is an island with seven villages, 18 miles of sandy beach and awe-inspiring nature reserves. Although you can take a car across on the ferry, it is even more intimate to explore the island by bike.

Visitors ages 12 and older must present proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test before entering the Netherlands. A PCR test should be taken within 48 hours before boarding your flight. If you take an antigen test, it should be performed within 24 hours of travel.

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Big Sur, California

Although many international locations have opened their borders to American leisure travelers, you might want to stay closer to home right now. If that is the case, you can visit the U.S. version of the Italian Riviera in Big Sur.

To get there, take a scenic drive from San Francisco. Soon, you will be meandering around the jagged coastline, witnessing waterfalls pouring into the ocean and coastal redwood trees towering over your head.

Although Big Sur is known for its outdoor adventure opportunities, it is not completely rustic. The area is home to some of the top-rated hotels in the state. Choose one with a fireplace in the room for those chilly autumn evenings.

Masks are required in areas where you cannot distance yourself from others. Therefore, you should bring a mask with you while outdoors in case you run into another party. However, there is plenty of open space to enjoy and take in without a mask.

Lake Tahoe

Even before the pandemic, Lake Tahoe was the perfect autumn destination. Although it is not an ideal time for skiing, it is the perfect season for scoping out the vibrant foliage. Go hiking to check out the panoramic views of the lake festooned in fall colors.

While the breeze might be chilly, the weather is often unseasonably warm in the fall. Bring a bathing suit. You might get a chance to take a dip in the lake. If you would rather relax than hike or swim, you can charter a sailboat to float over the water as you take in the natural beauty.

Mask requirements differ depending on the location. Check the local masking and social distancing guidelines before you go.

London, England

London is a popular tourist destination. If you are flying in fall 2021, you can land in this culturally rich city, which has lifted many of its social distancing and travel requirements. There is plenty to do whether you are indoors or outside. Museums, bars, theaters and art galleries are open. The city is also home to plenty of gardens and parks.

You can also rent a car for a weekend trip to other nearby locales, such as Bristol. This quaint town is just over 100 miles from London and features many historic attractions and natural scenery. Take a haunted Bristol tour or a street art tour to get outdoors and see more of what the town has to offer.

Is Flying in Fall 2021 Safe?

The best places to fly in fall 2021 are those with plenty of options for indoor and outdoor activities. With social distancing and masking requirements constantly changing, it is important to have options for things to do on your trip.

Chartering a flight may also be safer than taking a commercial airline. Travelers have less interaction with others, and private jet safety measures are more stringent than those for commercial airlines.

Now that you know where to fly in fall, when you book a private jet, you can take advantage of exclusive amenities, such as private transportation at your destination. This can be especially helpful in areas where public transportation is crowded or limited because of the pandemic.

Ready to go? Check out our private charter jet prices for your dream vacation destination. If you are traveling to the same location regularly, you can take advantage of our fixed route program. A jet card membership gives you even more luxurious perks.

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