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Avail Air Charter Services on Your Trip to These Cheap New Year’s Eve Destinations


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Avail Air Charter Services on Your Trip to These Cheap New Year’s Eve Destinations

If you want to have a memorable New Year, you don’t need to spend too much to have a wonderful night. There are a lot of great New Year’s Eve destinations all over the country. It could be an action-packed night in the city or the relaxing countryside, below is a list of those great spots.


For a number of people, the best way to celebrate New Year’s Eve is in the city. If you prefer the city, then try visiting Seattle, Washington. Winter time may not be a great time to visit Seattle. Go to Seattle and try their amazing dining scene.


At times, the best places to go to are those near your home. If you want to spend an inexpensive New Year’s Eve, why not head out for a comfortable cabin in the Poconos? Instead of spending too much on restaurants or clubs, you can have a cocktail party and dinner with your friends around a warm fireplace.

Florida Keys

If you prefer the beach, then the Florida Keys is perfect for you. They have rentals with remarkable views that will serve as your perfect retreat for the New Year. New Year’s Day can be spent by fishing on a boat or having a family barbecue on the deck or your rental.

South Padre Island

If you want to wear your bathing suit for the New Year, then you can visit South Padre Island in Texas. They have a lot of rentals available which will suit your budget. You can opt to have your very own New Year’s Eve party of joining the local nightlife scene.

Tybee Island

New Year’s vacation doesn’t have to be always cold weather. You can go down south to Tybee Island in Georgia if you want to get away from the cold. They have large rentals that provide wonderful views of the ocean. You can simply relax or go to the neighboring Savannah if you want to experience city life.


Another perfect way to spend the New Year is to go to the mountains. Try visiting Gatlinburg in Tennessee where they have comfortable rentals you can try out. There’s nothing more romantic than a rental with no distractions.

South Haven

For people who want to have a relaxing and inexpensive vacation for the New Year may head out to the Lake Michigan shores in South Haven. Although rates during the summer are high, winter is a great time to visit. For daring travelers, this means having a comfortable rental with amazing view for peaceful nights around a crackling fireplace.

Cape May

Another famous getaway spot is the Cape May in New Jersey. This fascinating town has a lot of amazing architecture and rich history. If you want to have a peaceful vacation for the New Year, then try out their comfortable rentals.

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