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Top Destinations in Atlanta

Atlanta is the capital city of Georgia, one of the US states. It is considered as the most populous city in Georgia where it has a population of roughly 447,841. The Atlanta City is the ninth largest Metropolitan area in the whole United States.

The city became the national center of trading. This happened when the city was established during the intersection of the two railroad lines. It even became the primary transportation hub of the Southeast of the United States – Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Mississippi, South Carolina, Louisiana, Kentucky, and Michigan.

The city has a total area of 134 square miles – the land is 133.2 square miles, and the water is 0.85 square miles.

Atlanta has been considered as the seventh most-visited state in the United States. The year 2010 survey has shown that each year, about 35,000,000 people visit the capital of Georgia.

It has known to be one of the few states in the United States that could offer professional yet entertaining performing arts activities like the Atlanta Opera, Atlanta Ballet, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, and the Alliance Theatre.

The city also showcases many attractions through broad way shows and a wide variety of concerts. The Woodruff Arts Center is the heart of the city’s performing arts.

The Atlanta City is one of the must-travel destinations in the United States. It is a modernized metropolis that offers a wide variety of entertainment and world-class attractions.

The following are top destinations in the heart of Georgia:

Georgia Aquarium

Located in the city of Atlanta is the largest aquarium in the world that will certainly captivate not just your eyes, but also your heart – the Georgia Aquarium. The tourist attraction prides itself in having almost all types of aquatic animals like whales, penguins, dolphins, sharks, sting rays, and many more.

World of Coca-Cola

The World of Coca-Cola is definitely one of the destinations you must visit when in Atlanta. It showcases the history of the Coca-Cola Company as well as the entertainment areas and attractions relating to the company. The highlights of the tour are the “Spectacular Fountain” and the “Tastes of the World”.

CNN Tour

One of the reasons why tourists choose to visit Atlanta is to have this one-of-a-kind experience – to see news in the making (behind-the-scenes) through the Cable News Network or CNN Tour. The free tour will last up to 50 minutes. Never miss the chance of visiting the global headquarters of CNN.

College Football Hall of Fame

The College Football Hall of Fame is the museum developed to pay tribute to the college football and its athletes. This Hall of Fame tourist attraction has a total area of 94,256 square feet and is adjacent to the Georgia World Congress Center and the Centennial Olympic Park.

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Visit the garden that has this mission: “To develop and maintain plant collections for display, education, conservation, research, and enjoyment”. This is the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Get ready to fall in love with the garden’s beautiful landscapes and displays.

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