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Are you shopping against yourself when booking a private charter? Are you driving up the price of your private charter?


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Are you shopping against yourself when booking a private charter? Are you driving up the price of your private charter?


So you are interested in chartering a private jet, let’s start by asking these questions:
Have you booked a private jet charter in the past? If yes, did you speak with several private charter companies in search of the best price? Were you satisfied with the price and level of service you received?


For most people price is typically a major motivator when making their final purchasing decision.The most common practice is to research three to four different options and see who has the best price. We definitely understand that instinct as consumers ourselves.
For example, when you go to Amazon to search for a product, such as an iPhone case, there are endless options and retailers to consider. You have everything you could possibly need to know about thousands of iPhone cases ranging in size, price, function and availability right in front of you. Ultimately, you choose the one that you feel is the best quality and at the right price point.


When it comes to booking a private jet charter it is a completely different purchasing experience. The marketplace is very small and therefore sensitive to many dynamics that occur in a very short period of time. When a trip is being requested and the same routing is showing up across the market a false sense of demand is being created. You as the client might be the only one requesting the private charter but since several brokers are submitting the trip it seems to be multiple charters. The plane operators and owners see this as an opportunity to increase their charter price. This false demand can equal an additional cost of up to 10-15%. The end result is that you have out shopped yourself and raised the price of your charter.Working with the same private charter company will lessen the chances of this happening to you.


Besides driving up the price, why should you ultimately choose one broker to work with?


The next factor to consider after price is the quality of service you receive:
As a consumer do you consider what resources your private charter company has access to should an unexpected delay or cancellation arise? When choosing your private charter company do you consider response time and the availability of your charter representative?


You don’t always want to get what you pay for! Getting what you deserve should take priority!


Private aviation is a close knit community of aircraft brokers, aircraft owners and charter clients; everyone knows everyone. Having strong reliable relationships within this aviation community is a key factor in making not only the buying experience enjoyable but also the flying experience enjoyable. When you as a consumer find the private charter company that can insure you won’t be left on a tarmac or overpaying for your travels, stick with them! Continue using them when booking your trips. If you want to reserve the option to compare pricing we recommend only having two charter companies that you trust and depend on.


The best private charter company may not always be the cheapest so when you are choosing consider these three points: best value, unsurpassed service, best pedigree of aircraft.
Now pick the two that mean the most to you in your buying process and find the private charter company that can meet and exceed those expectations.

Here at Charter Flight Group we certainly know who we would choose if we were in your shoes!