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Are Private Jets and Charter Flights Safe?


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Are Private Jets and Charter Flights Safe?

When it comes to flying on a private charter, safety matters. It is only natural to wonder, are private jets safe? After all, there is a lot that goes into taking flight and getting you to your destination safe and sound, from aircraft inspections to weather conditions. 

At Charter Flight Group, we are serious about safety. We go through all the necessary measures, and then some, to ensure your flight is a safe and flawless one. We cover all the safety bases, such as requiring our charters to meet the industry’s strictest safety standards and diligently monitoring maintenance records. We do everything in our power to make certain you have safe travels in the skies with us.  

The Safest Jets

Are charter flights safe? We can only vouch for our aircraft owners, and we go above and beyond to ensure you are flying with the safest aircraft. Our private jet charters are in compliance with Part 135 of Title 14 FAA regulations, which includes a strict investigation and certification process. We also only fly with charters that have earned WYVERN approval, which is even more restrictive than the FAA standards. We review WYVERN Pilot & Aircraft Safety Survey (PASS) reports on each and every aircraft before we allow them to take flight. 

We also ensure that each charter has ARG/US safety ratings. While this is not mandatory within the industry, it is extremely important to us. That’s why we make it a requirement for all of our charters. This safety rating looks into factors, such as the jet’s safety and incident reports and the verification of insurance coverage. ARG/US also assigns different color ratings based on their inspections. We only recommend aircraft that have earned green ratings, which signifies that they have met elite safety standards. 

When it comes to safety, we are a little obsessed. On top of requiring all our charters to exceed the safety rules and regulations within the aviation industry, we also enforce our own standards. We monitor safety maintenance and insurance records to guarantee that each jet is safe to fly for our passengers and crew. We also inspect every inch of every charter before we allow you to take flight. If your jet does not pass our inspections, we will not let you leave the tarmac. 

Highly Trained Pilots

Your pilot plays a big role in private jet safety, too. When it comes to choosing the pilots who will operate your aircraft, picky does not even begin to cover how selective we are. We only fly with the most trusted and well-trained pilots. We handpick each pilot after doing extensive background checks and ensuring that they are all medically certified with spotless police records. 

Each one of our private jet operators has an FAA-issued commercial pilot license, which means they have met and passed strict training and flight-time requirements. If they are non-military pilots, they have clocked at least four to six years of flight time and testing. And if that was not proof enough, our highest-rated pilots also have Airline Transport Pilot certificates, which require yet additional training.

Because all of our jet charters have earned WYVERN and ARG/US approvals, this means your pilot has, too. The WYVERN PASS makes certain that the pilot and crew have been checked and verified, while the ARG/US audit monitors pilot experience, safety and incidents reports, accidents, and violations. 

In addition to meeting and exceeding safety requirements, our pilots know their aircraft inside and out. They train with their jets and fly the same jet every day. Because of this, there are no surprises. They are comfortable and confident in flying their aircraft. 

Your Flight, Your Way

Since we personally select each and every private charter, we know every one of our jets is a safe one. We let you pick which kind of aircraft you want for your next private flight. Your flight, your choice. You can compare private jets and choose the one that best suits your preferences and standards. Maybe you are eyeing a Piper Meridian, or perhaps you want a Citation Latitude. We have more than 6,000 aircraft to sort through, including turboprops, airliners, and executive jets. You can even browse by aircraft category, including turbo, very light, light, mid, super mid, and heavy. Whatever jet you pick, you can rest assured it is up to par. 

The Right Conditions

When you fly with Charter Flight Group, you know you are in safe hands. Along with pairing you up with the safest jet and pilot, we look into your flight path and destination. We monitor weather patterns and flight conditions, from the moment you take off until the second you land. We do not take risks. If the conditions are questionable, we do not permit your charter to take flight. 

At Charter Flight Group, we believe there is no such thing as too safe. Your safety is our top priority, so when you ask, are private jets safe? We can confidently answer, yes, our jets are safe.