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American Airline’s loss, United’s gain?


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American Airline’s loss, United’s gain?


America Airlines announced this week that it will be terminating the New York/JFK to Haneda Airport in downtown Tokyo, Japan. A specific time was not specified for this termination. There was also no reason given, but was probably because of the continued streamling that American Airlines is doing in order to emerge from its bankruptcy.

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At the same time, United Airlines applied to the United States Department of Transportation to pick up this flight, however, it would be based at their hub at the San Francisco International Airport. They would provide non-stop service from San Francisco to Haneda. United would like to begin these flights next summer, and subject to government approval, will be using existing aircraft in its fleet.


United also runs non-stop services from San Francisco to Beijing, Hong Kong,Osaka, Shanghai, Sydney and Tokyo Narita. This gives United more than three hundred daily flights to over ninety cities in Europe, Australia, Asia and North America. United also has more daily non-stop flights from the United States than any other airline. United Airlines also has daily non-stop flights to Tokyo Narita from their hubs in Chicago, Denver, Guam and Honolulu, as well as Houston, Los Angeles, New York/Newark, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, DC.


Adding a daily non-stop flight from San Francisco to Haneda would be a nice feather in the United cap. United still plans to keep the non-stop flight to Tokyo Narita. The inclusion of Haneda Airport would also serve to give an alternative time of day arrivals and departures to/from Tokyo from San Francisco. This service would not only provide a direct flight between Tokyo Haneda and San Francisco, but would also offer opportunities for connections at the San Francisco hub from cities that are already in United’s route network.


It certainly seems that American Airlines’ loss is United’s gain…but for those who prefer a better way, never forget that Charter Flight Group also offers non-stop private charter flights via any of these locations. Call now for an instant quote at 1-888-634-7449.

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