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Airport Security


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Airport Security

How to Go Through Airport Security Easily

Air travel is the fastest and most convenient means of reaching your destination. Although a lot of passengers complain of missed flights, holiday delays, and the number of carry-ons they are permitted to bring with them into the airplane, air travel is a vital part of fast transportation.

One important part of an airport system is the security. Nowadays, security is an important priority that airports around the world oversee strictly. To go through airport security with ease, read these helpful travel tips:

Prepare for the Flight at Home

Number 1: Do your homework. Waiting time and delays greatly vary from airport to airport, and sometimes terminal to terminal. Check out the website of your local airport or to know ahead of time what you may encounter. A lot of airlines will let you check-in online and print boarding passes at home – using this advantage will help save you the time of possibly standing in long lines at the terminal.

Many people who travel for business or pleasure choose to rent a private jet just to avoid the hassle of long lines.

Avoid Checking Baggage

If it’s possible, try to avoid checking bags. Aside from having to wait in line for check-in bags, you may also have to carry your bags through giant x-ray machines or personally hand it over to personnel at airports. And not to mention, based on my experience, my bags get damaged or get lost far less if they are with me as compared to getting tossed around like… luggage.

Organize Your Carry-Ons

Number 2: Pick a good “personal item”. Rollies are good as your single allowable carry-on,however, choose your second bag wisely. Laptop bags or messenger bags are good options since they have a lot of pockets that can be accessed easily. As you got through security, this kind of bags allows you to access things you need to take out such as laptops or bottles of liquids. You can also effortlessly store things that are easily detected by metal detectors, like loose change, jewelry, keys and cellular phones.

Footwear for Flying

You can also consider wearing slip-on shoes, and after you go through the personnel that check your ticket, do not ask which line you must stand in. Go for the shortest line and avoid lines that have many people older than 90 and younger than ten years old.

Get Through Airport Security Quickly

Number 3: Combine bins. Try to combine all your items in one bin, except if you have a laptop that needs to be separated. Your clothes should go in first and your carry on for last. Just make sure to put your purse in your rollie before going in line for the x-ray machine.

Always make sure that your boarding pass and ID is ready anytime, you might be asked for both documents many times. Also, ensure that your clothes are free from any metal – such as zippers –and it’s important to know that you will be asked to take any jackets, hats, coats and zippered sweatshirts. Vegetables that are aluminum foil-wrapped will not be allowed either.

Lastly: Get out quick. After you go through the metal detector, put you shoes and belt back, but not the small items until you reach the gate. Make sure to check for all your things before leaving.

Leave Yourself Time

In addition to everything, I have found out that two minor things can make a big difference: give yourself extra time as you walk out the door, and be good to personnel working at security. Sometimes, a smile and a “have a great day” can go a long way.

Only people who can afford to rent a private jet will be spared from these time-consuming airport security procedures. If you want to fly hassle-free, fly privately. Contact Charter Flight Group to book your private fight now.