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Bahamas Nassau

Must-Explore Destinations in Nassau, Bahamas

The city of Nassau, which is located on the northeast coast of New Providence Island, is the capital and commercial heart of the Bahamas. Pleasure seekers from around the globe fly here to relish its warm, tropical climate. Here are the top destinations in Nassau, which make tourists keep coming back:

1.  Atlantis

Atlantis, a world-class hotel, entertainment complex and aquarium is among the main attractions in the Bahamas. Vibrant decors imitate real and imaginary creatures – helmeted domes, giant bronze doors, and seahorses. The marine habitat is considered as the world’s biggest outdoor aquarium. Adults and children alike will surely have fun in the water park.

2.  Paradise Island

Flashy Paradise Island hosts the vast Atlantis Resort as well as a number of other resorts, private homes, facilities, and a big golf course. This lengthy cay, which runs along the northern tip of New Providence Island, is linked to the mainland by two bridges and forms the Nassau harbor.

3.  Cable Beach

It charms the feeling of a typical Caribbean beach with its soft sands and crystal waters. Since the beach is open to the public, it’s possible to devote hours walking on the beach and relax by the sea. The crystal clear water in this beach is safe for swimming.

4.  Blue Lagoon Island

Blue Lagoon Island is a private island that offers a wide array of water sports and also a close encounter with sea lions and dolphins. The island has a 3-acre marine mammal facility and dolphin encounters where animal lovers can learn from about these friendly creatures and interact with them through the watchful eyes of professional trainers.

5.  Nassau Straw Market

During the mid-1940s, women of the Bahamas started braiding and weaving leaves of the palm trees and the sisal plant into fishing traps and baskets as their source of income. Nowadays, this tradition can be seen in the Straw Market of Nassau. You can purchase mats, baskets, hats and also fine wooden carvings, vibrant fabrics and other souvenirs here.

6.  Downtown and Bay Street

An active combination of restaurants, shops, and street vendors, Downtown and Bay Street has several of the finest duty-free shopping in Nassau. Tourists and visitors go here to purchase jewelry, perfume, shirts, and other souvenirs. Tourists can also get the chance to discover the straw market and Pirates of Nassau Museum in this street.

7.  National Art Gallery of the Bahamas

Held in the adoringly restore Villa Doyle, a huge remarkable neoclassical mansion, the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas is the most significant art facility in the Bahamas. The mansion has ceramics, textiles, sculptures, paintings and photography.

8.  Pirates of Nassau Museum

The Pirates of Nassau Museum is a great way for kids to learn about the seafaring days of Nassau. The museum’s visitors can explore a copy of a shanty town of Nassau and the pirate ship Revenge.

9.  Ardastra Gardens, Zoo, and Conservation Center

The Ardastra Gardens, Zoo, and Conservation Centerare housedin a 4-acre tropical garden. Visitors are entertained by flamingos marching in formation. The zoo dedicates in the preservation of species found in the Caribbean like the rare Bahama Parrot and other species of iguanas. Kids will love hand feeding the sociable rainbow lorikeets.

10.  Government House

The beautiful, conch-oink mansion housed on top of Mount Fitzwilliam is the official house of Bahamas’ Governor General. Built of stone and reinforced by ionic columns; the building is an extraordinary specimen of Georgian Colonial architecture. Tourists can wander around the house and revel in the stunning views of the bay and Paradise Island.

No doubt, with these relaxing and enjoyable places, millions of tourists flock in the Bahamas annually. So, don’t forget to include this perfect getaway in your bucket list. If you are keen to visit the Bahamas soon, contact us, and we will ensure to fly you in a safe, comfortable and, of course, in the best private jet.