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Aerospace and Defense


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Aerospace and Defense

Largest Aerospace and Defense Companies

The aerospace and defense industry is made up of companies that design, develop and manufacture defense products such as aircraft, information systems, weaponry and spacecraft, space and security systems for commercial and military purposes.

Due to the change of nature in warfare, governments have to upgrade their defense as well. In line with this, the federal budget for defense keeps on increasing each year. In fact, nearly half of the revenues of aerospace and defense industry comes from the military.

Here are some of the largest aerospace and defense companies:

1.    The Boeing Company

Boeing is one of the largest aircraft manufacturers not only for defense but also for airline companies that offer commercial flights, cargo freights and chartered flights. About 90 percent of the world’s cargo is shipped on Boeing aircraft.

During the World War I, William Boeing thought the Navy would need seaplanes for training, and so he sent two of his Model Cs of which he received an order of 50 more units.

At present, Boeing manufactures and supplies diversified defense products such as fighter jets, drones, combat vehicles, missiles, munitions, communication systems, information technology systems, advanced weapons systems, and satellites.

2.    General Dynamics Corporation

When General Dynamics was incorporated in 1952 and up until 1990, the company manufactured and supplied tanks, missiles, submarines, warships, and electronics to militaries. It was also during this period when they sold some of their divisions then acquired companies that provide combat vehicles and information technology products. They also invested on additional shipyards and bought Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation. In the 2000s, the company continued to expand and acquired C4ISR and IT companies and Jet Aviation.

Today, it is one of the biggest aerospace and defense companies that manufacture combat vehicles, communications systems, surveillance systems, cyber security, IT systems, mission support services, submarines, and advanced weapons systems.

General Dynamics also manufacture business jets used for commercial flights and charter flights through Gulfstream Aerospace, a subsidiary of the company.

3.     Lockheed Martin Corporation 

Lockheed Martin is the merger of two companies, Lockheed Corporation and Martin Marietta in March 1995. The majority of the company’s revenue came from the U.S. Department of defense and the U.S. federal government. Its products and services include advanced military communications satellites, aeronautical research, Trident missile, ballistic missiles, fighter jets, combat vehicles, munitions, radar technologies, spacecraft, electronic warfare systems and many more.

4.    Northrop Grumman Corporation

Northrop Grumman was founded by John K. “Jack” Northrop and was one of the first companies that supplied fighter and training jets. In 1959, Northrop delivered its first supersonic F-5 jet fighter to the U.S Air Force, which will also be dispersed to over 30 different countries.

The company provides it products and services mostly to the US Department of Defense. It also conducts business with local and foreign government and commercial businesses. Northrop Grumman specialties include cyber security systems, communications systems, C4ISR, unmanned systems, strike aircraft, and logistics.

5.    Raytheon Company 

Raytheon Company was the first to launch guided missiles with radar systems that can detect moving objects in the 1960s. It was also during this period when Raytheon Company became part of a very important history. Through the company’s microwave tube, mankind was able to witness live Apollo 11’s landing on the moon. They also built the computer that guided the space vehicles as it travels to the moon.

Today, Raytheon Company offers C5ISR systems, missiles, torpedoes, radars, sonars, cyber security systems, both for the government and commercial institutions, aircraft, and spacecraft.