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Aerion SBJ

Why Aerion SBJ is Ideal for Private Jet Flights

The Aerion SBJ is a model for supersonic business jet series designed by an American aerospace company the Aerion Corporation, based in Reno, Nevada. If manufactured, it would be possible to travel non-stop from Europe to North America and back in just one business day.

Way back 2004; the project was restructured into the Aerion AS2, with length and a takeoff weight substantially increased to accommodate the request of customers.

The amount of time it would normally take to fly from Los Angeles to Sydney is around 15 hours and 30 minutes. With the Aerion AS2, which is a supersonic private jet under development, it will only be around 10 hours.

With an Aerion AS2 at your disposal, you can fly in new and more creative ways to different places in a lesser amount of time, enabling you to spend on favorable business opportunities, and priceless extra time with your family.

The concept of Aerion Corporation is more efficient and compact. Design features such as the wings have its overall drag reduced to around 20%, permitting lower fuel consumption and extended range, plus a lavish 30-foot long cabin that can accommodate up to 12 passengers perfect for private jet flights.

As with much usual business aircraft having a typical range and efficiency, the design of the Aerion is aimed at promoting substantial cost savings on travel time. For example, travel time from Chicago to London would be reduced to four hours at the same cost as with conventional business aircraft.

Aerion’s vehicle, which is still undergoing its conceptual stage, will be able to cruise at a maximum speed of Mach 1.6 or 1.6 times the speed of sound, making use of ultra-laminar flow through the engines for thrust. Design features,which include a sleek cabin and a pointed nose are reminiscent of the Concorde class. The engine layout and short wingspan are its distinct features.

The AS2 will be designed and produce by Airbus and Aerion Group. According to press announcements, Aerion will be providing design and software while Airbus will take care of the “engineering, procurement and supply chain management, logistics planning, program management, and government relations.”

The technology shows great promise, but when will we see this on the market? According to Jason Matisheck, ‎Business Manager, and Test Manager, the company is deeply focused on the development of the aircraft with significant funding and plans for flight testing in 2019. If all goes well, he expects the aircraft to enter the market in 2021. There is no estimate of cost yet, but you can bet it will cost a lot of money.The cost of the AS2 is thought to be more than $100million. And if everything works out, business travelers may once more be able to look forward to supersonic private jet flights.

While you wait to fly privately at a supersonic rate, contact us at Charter Flight Group if you want to travel fast at a lower cost.