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8 Beautiful Private Jet Interiors in 2020


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8 Beautiful Private Jet Interiors in 2020

When you fly aboard a charter flight, you can expect nothing short of a high-class experience, as everything is catered to your personal needs. Although the around-the-clock communication and attention to detail is excellent, the jet’s fancy interior is a big part of what makes your experience so elite. After all, the ultimate care goes into designing these cabins, as they exude glamour and elegance. From the stunning artwork to the finest fabrics, they offer sophisticated decor, high-tech features, and the utmost comfort in the skies. 

To give you a glimpse into some of the world’s most impressive cabins, we have spotlighted eight beautiful private jet interiors in 2020. With pedigree features, such as massive windows that offer panoramic views of the sky and lounge areas modeled after the interior of renowned designer cars, these cabins take interior design to a whole new level. 

1. Xiao Yao

HAECO Private Jet Solutions have created a thoughtful interior concept called, Xiao Yao, for the Boeing Business Jet 2. The design is based on the principles of Feng Shui and Chinese philosophy to generate the most qi, or life force, within the space. It features free-flowing lines instead of traditional straight lines, which work to create the most calm and peaceful flight experience. It even integrates Wu Xing elements (wood, earth, fire, metal, and water), which can be individually catered to each guest based on their own Wu Xing profile. 

2. Mercedes Benz-Style VIP Cabin

The luxury car brand, Mercedes Benz, has taken to the skies with its iconic interior design, inspired by its fleet of Mercedes-AMG cars. The result of a partnership with Lufthansa Technik, the Mercedes-Benz Style features a sharp black, grey, and white color scheme with dashboard panels set in a unique spiral layout. Though simple, the design gives off a sleek and modern feel. The high-end interior, designed specifically for the Boeing BBJ and Airbus ACJ, includes a bedroom with a king-sized bed and a bathroom with a glass-enclosed, free-standing shower.  

3. Greenpointe Azure

Greenpointe’s Azure private jet interior design has a light and airy color palette with whites and creams, which creates a tranquil space in the skies. The cabin includes a master suite, two mini suites, and a private office. It also showcases an entertainment lounge and a sophisticated dining room with dramatic artwork and a sculpture as the focal point. The cabin even features a spa serenity room for the ultimate in-flight relaxation. 

4. Yasava Solutions

The Yasava Solutions design is simple yet elegant. The private jet cabin shows off marble tabletops, rich wooden panels, and OLED panels offering personalized mood lighting. Perhaps the most notable features are the white leather ergonomic Aiana Wave seats, which recline flat into full beds for a good night’s rest. The cabin also has a full-sized shower and a galley, where a professional chef can cook in-flight. 

5. Infinito

Atelier Pagani Automobili, the Italian sports car maker, joined forces with Airbus Corporate Jets to develop Infinito, which means infinity in Italian. A nod to the hypercar design, the private jet interior includes leather carpets and wood flooring, metal features, glass room dividers, and mood lighting. But the sky ceiling is perhaps the most unique feature on the private jet, which reveals a live view of the sky above, perfect for sitting back and watching the clouds go by. 

6. Home Team Advantage at 40,000 Feet

The Teague Team and Nike partnered to design an elite cabin specifically for athletes. With the goal of helping reduce the stress traveling has on athletes, this extravagant cabin focuses on four areas: recovery, circulation, sleep, and thinking. The cabin has high-tech features such as pods that monitor the athletes’ vitals and massage beds with biometric testing, along with a kitchen stocked with nutritional meals. What this design lacks in beauty, it certainly makes up for in innovation.

7. Kyoto Airship

Embraer designed the Kyoto Airship concept, which has graceful Japanese-inspired elements complete with a cherry blossom theme. However, the door-sized windows and floor-to-ceiling skylights are what really make this interior shine. It is unlike any private jet you have ever seen, as natural light streams through the cabin space. The elite cabin also includes a master suite, entertainment system, and a fully equipped kitchen. 

8. Andrew Winch Designs’ Project Mayfair

Andrew Winch, an iconic yacht designer, developed Project Mayfair for Boeing Business Jets and Airbus Corporate Jets. The attention to detail is evident, as the high-class designs include the finest materials, such as cashmere, leather, and even satin. As for the cabin space, it boasts opulent elements, such as a circular sky-light bar and a bedroom that converts into an office or theater.

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