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Severe Weather Impact: 2021-22 European Windstorm Season - Charter Flight Group

Severe Weather Impact: 2021-22 European Windstorm Season


March 10, 2022

Jordan Brown

During the year, powerful windstorms can occur throughout Europe, with peak season taking place between October and March, affecting air travel, property and disrupting daily functions. If you plan to travel through Europe during peak storm season, you should be vigilant. However, with the right precautions, you can avoid the worst of the storms and still get the most enjoyment out of your travels.

What Are European Windstorms?

European windstorms are extratropical cyclones that occur in areas of low atmospheric pressure. Windstorms can happen at any point throughout the year, but they are most pervasive in the winter months. These storms are expected every year and can cause extensive damage to property and land.

A windstorm is considered as such whenever wind gusts reach higher than 70 mph (198 km/h). In past years, windstorms have reached wind gusts as high as 160 mph (250 km/h). Winds of this strength, with so much potential for damage, require special attention and preparation.

Stay Up to Date on European Windstorms

When planning to travel through Europe during the winter months, you should check the weather consistently before and after booking a private flight. European windstorms can be tracked as they develop, so you will not be in the dark about potential extreme weather events. Private jet travel can be interrupted or prevented entirely as high winds can ground flights and prevent travel from various cities and airports. Having a full picture of the situation allows you to make the proper travel arrangements on time. When preparing to take a flight during winter in Europe, it is crucial to stay updated on developing storms.

Planning Private Jet Travel for Evacuation

If you are in Europe as a dangerous windstorm is approaching, you may want to start making arrangements to travel away from the center of the danger. During high-risk weather events like windstorms, time is the most important factor. You should begin making arrangements as soon as possible so that you can safely escape the worst of the storms and avoid flights being grounded. Flying via private jet charter allows you to schedule your flight as soon as you need it, leaving your plans in your hands, not those of a commercial airline.

Flying private is an important asset when trying to avoid extreme weather. Private flights are more versatile and allow you to take off from multiple airports, not just the central location in a city. This means you may be able to commute a shorter distance to your board your flight, allowing you to take off sooner. When planning to escape extreme weather, you can have your flight arranged in just a few hours.

Private flights are also more accommodating to your belongings. You can board with your necessities as there are fewer restrictions on the amount of bags you can bring and your ability to pack liquids and toiletries. Private flights are also more accommodating to pets, so you can evacuate with all of your loved ones. All the while, you can bypass long security lines on the way to your flight as private flights do not depart from the same terminal as commercial flights, saving you even more time.

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Planning Travel to Europe

If you are planning to travel to Europe during the winter months, you should remain vigilant about the possibility of storms. When planning a private flight, the charter’s concierge service can help you consider your options for flights and routes to avoid storms and stay aware of possible weather events.

Planning a trip months in advance means that you have no idea what the weather will be when the date arrives. Fortunately, when flying via private jet charter, you can book your flight closer to your travel date without any hassle, unlike commercial air travel, leaving you without any surprises.

Private jet charter is more flexible and allows you to schedule a flight on your terms, allowing you to have the complete picture of what to expect from the weather during your travels, all before you even book. Booking a private flight also runs far less risk than booking a commercial flight, which can cause you to experience last-minute cancellations or delays.

Take All of the Precautions for European Windstorm Season

As you prepare for a trip to or from Europe during windstorm season, Charter Flight Group is here to help you stay up to date and assist you with all of your trip planning. Our 24/7 concierge service can help you determine the best aircraft for your flight, the safest airports, the best routes and what you should do to prepare for your flight. Whether you are planning to travel to Europe during windstorm season or you are specifically looking to avoid it, we are here to ensure that your travel comfortably.

When you fly with Charter Flight Group, you can remain confident that every pilot and aircraft meets the highest safety standards. We also offer extensive amenities, opportunities for rewards, and all of the convenience of a private flight so that you can have a complete flight experience. Book with Charter Flight Group today.  

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