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Monday Night Charter Flight: Seahawks Over the Rams

This Monday Night Charter Flight took us to St. Louis to see the landlocked Seahawks soar over the Rams. Predictably, the Rams failed to gain the victory while the Seattle Seahawks managed to pull off a victory to the meager tune of 14-9. That... READ MORE

Fuel – Major Headache for Airline Profits

  There are several reasons why most of the major airlines filed bankruptcy during the past ten years. But the biggest reason wasn’t the recession at the [caption id="" align="alignright" width="300"] English: Chart of jet fuel prices for major US airlines. (Photo... READ MORE

Charter Flight Travel Destinations for Halloween

  With Halloween around the corner, now is the time to choose your haunted destination with Charter Flight Group. Experience for yourself the difference CFG can make for your ghoulish party plans, whether for family entertainment or partying with co-workers. Check out... READ MORE

American Airline’s loss, United’s gain?

  America Airlines announced this week that it will be terminating the New York/JFK to Haneda Airport in downtown Tokyo, Japan. A specific time was not specified for this termination. There was also no reason given, but was probably because of the continued streamling... READ MORE

Charter Flight Group at the NBAA

  CFG is going to be at the annual National Business Aviation Association meeting and convention! This convention will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada from October 22 to 24 and will be located at Henderson Executive Airport. There will be... READ MORE

Monday Night Charter Flight: Colts and Chargers

  The Monday Night Charter Flight this week brought us the Indianapolis Colts and the San Diego Chargers in a battle of the field goals. Indianapolis came up with three field goals, one in the first, second and fourth quarters. San Diego came up with one in the first and... READ MORE

Aviation Emissions Deal Reached

  The International Civil Aviation Organization, the United Nations body in charge of civil aviation, has reached an agreement in their triennial meeting regarding a market-based system to curb carbon emissions from airlines by 2020. This agreement was hammered out during two days... READ MORE

New Jobs on the Way?

  American Airlines is planning to expand international flying and taking delivery of new planes. Due to these plans, the airline is [caption id="" align="alignright" width="300"] English: American Airlines destinations עברית: יעדי אמריקן איירליננס (Photo credit: Wikipedia)[/caption] planning on hiring and training 40 to 50 pilots a... READ MORE

Monday Night Charter Flight: Falcon’s v Jets

  This Monday Night Charter Flight took us to Falcon Field. Monday Night’s game pitted the NY Jets and the Atlanta Falcons at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta Georgia. Atlanta was favored to win, as it was a home game, and the top performers for the game were... READ MORE

AA/US Airlines Merger Antitrust Lawsuit: What Now?

  Oh, yeah, the federal government has been shut down. That excuse didn’t fly with a judge on Tuesday denying the Department of Justice’s request for a delay in their antitrust lawsuit against American Airlines with US Airlines. The Department of Justice said that the government... READ MORE

Airline Superstitions

  Hey, it’s October! The month of superstitions, ending with Halloween, or All Hallow’s Eve. Did you know there are superstitions regarding airline travel? Here are a bunch of “lucky” or “unlucky’ things to do in preparation to traveling by... READ MORE

Hasty Decision Cost Captain His Job

  What possessed a thirteen year veteran pilot for Southwest Airlines to suddenly take over the landing of a jet liner at Laguardia Airport? This hasty decision caused Southwest Flight 345 to land on the nose-gear of the airliner back in July. The results were collapse and... READ MORE

Monday Night Charter Flight: Saints vs Dolphins

  This weeks Monday night charter flight took us to the Super Dome for a super game. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="300"] Two cheerleaders for the Miami Dolphins football team (Photo credit: Wikipedia)[/caption] Monday Night Football’s game featured The New Orleans Saints and... READ MORE