Monthly Archives: September 2013

Customs Wait Costs Big Money

  Apparently, it isn’t just a big hassle to to wait in line for customs entry into the United States. It also costs a boatload of money. Some waits, such as entry through Miami, Florida can be as much as five... READ MORE

United Airlines Cutting Service From Grand Forks to Denver

  Half a million dollars down the drain is a hefty price no matter who loses it. Last week United Airlines announced that the little more than one year service from Grand Forks International and Denver will be shut down around December. This money,... READ MORE

Monday Night Charter Flight: Broncos v Raiders

  Once again it is time for the Monday Night Charter Flight. This past week the Mile High club met the Mile High stadium with the Denver Broncos stampeding over the Oakland Raiders. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="300"] English: Erica Arana at Oakland Raiders home game against Denver... READ MORE

American Airlines Leading the Way…

  Ouch! Usually it is a good thing to be leading the way, but American Airlines has the very dubious distinction of leading the way - in [caption id="" align="alignright" width="300"] Boeing 727-223 of American Airlines at Chicago O'Hare (Photo credit: Wikipedia)[/caption] job... READ MORE

Monday Night Charter Flight: Bengals vs Steelers

  Hundreds turned to Charter Flight this past Monday Night to see the Cincinnati Bengals flagellate the Pittsburgh Steelers. This past Monday night’s game showed us that the two new receivers Cincinnati have acquired show huge promise, especially in their manhandling... READ MORE

Charter Flight and Football – A Winning Combination

  Charter Flight Group has been busy already this football season.  It seems that football fans from around the country have discovered how easy it is to book a quick charter flight to their favorite game.  Be sure to book... READ MORE

AA/US Airways Merger and International Competition

  The American-US Airways merger being blocked by the Justice Department could cause severe repercussions with both airlines, especially with their ability to compete in the prosperous and fiercely competitive international market. The suit filed by the Justice Department focused mainly on the domestic overlap... READ MORE

What’s the Deal with the AA/US Airways Merger?

  In seeking to prevent the merger between US Airways and American Airlines, is the government unintentionally leading them to their downfall? On the surface, it would seem not; as both US Airways and American Airlines are solid in their domestic routes.  The government says... READ MORE

CFG Travel Log: September Song

  September is like a song--a gentle melody after the creshendo.  In the northern hemisphere, summer is fading and autumn winds begin cooling the earth.  In the southern hemisphere, winter is dissipating and heat is again returning.  Thus, virtually anywhere... READ MORE