Monthly Archives: June 2013

Avantair Grounded by SEC Filing. Help Has Arrived.

  Avantair, the Fractional Jet company from Clearwater, Florida known for having exclusive rights to the fractional use of the Italian made Piaggio P-180 Avanti turboprop, has been officially grounded for the time as a result of the latest SEC... READ MORE

Empty Leg Charter Flights the Easy Way

  Empty leg charter flights are among the most desireable yet difficult to obtain of all private charter flights.  At Charter Flight Group, you will discover what has come to be called the CFG Difference when seeking to fill an... READ MORE

Paris Air Show 2013: Embraer on the Move

  The Paris Air Show 2013 opened three days ago with much fanfare.  This is the Centennial Celebration of sorts for the famed airshow and naturally, aircraft and areospace manufacturers are in stiff competetion with each other.  As previously reported, giants Boeing and Airbus each are... READ MORE

787 Dreamliner vs A350 and the Paris Airshow

  787 Dreamliner vs A350 will be the highlights at the Paris Airshow next week.  With the A350 from Airbus successfully completing its maiden flight today and the much anticipated Boeing announcement of a larger, stretched version of the 787, this years... READ MORE

777X Versus A350-900: The Race for Bigger, Better Aircraft

  777X...even the name sounds sexy.  After a rough year with the 787 Dreamliner, Boeing is forging ahead with modifications to its popular 777 line of wide-body aircraft aimed directly at the European aircraft maufacturer Airbus.  Airbus has just announced that... READ MORE