Monthly Archives: May 2013

787 Dreamliner Aircraft: The Dream Lives On

  787 Dreamliner aircraft has again taken to flight in the sky's over America. As of yesterday, May 20, 2013, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft flew from Houston to Chicago.  After four months out of service, the Dreamliner is scheduled... READ MORE

Charter Flight Travel Log: 5 Best Golf Courses in May

  Charter Flights naturally occur year round for many reasons.  Whereas the most common reason for taking a private charter flight is business, sometimes our clients like to mix business with pleasure.  What finer way to build strong business relationships... READ MORE

Charter Flight Travel Log: Private Flights in May

  May is that special time of year when the Northern Hemisphere returns to life; winter is over and the urge to travel grows.  For those considering a private charter flight during this time but have not yet decided where... READ MORE