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An Aerial View of Aviation’s Hectic History – Part Three

This is the third and final installation of the series on aviation’s rapidly accelerated history, making aviation the fastest moving technology of all time, from the point of the first controlled flight by the Wright brothers to flying to the moon... READ MORE

American Airlines Flight Cancellations and the Issues it Raises

  Hundreds of American Airlines flight cancellations occurred yesterday as the airline suffered, according to CEO Tom Horton, "software issues."  In a statement to flyers posted by video on the American Airlines website homepage, Horton explained that the hundreds of flight cancellations which... READ MORE

The More Things Change…The More We Grow…Again

Thinking of the recent cutbacks in air traffic control and TSA, coupled with the innovations and problems associated with the Boeing 787 Dreamlinerof late, I got to thinking about how changes in the industry as a whole have altered the air flight industry. There... READ MORE

Jets Flying Faster Than the Speed of Sound

Throughout history, exceptional people have sought to break with conventional barriers. Prior to May 6, 1954, conventional wisdom said that a human could not run a mile in less than four minutes—Roger Bannister proved on that day the fallacy of this... READ MORE

Aviation Jargon: 45 Terms Aviation Enthusiasts Should Know

I love jets. I love turboprop planes. I love gliders. I love rockets. I love air shows and I love taking a private charter flight over the mountains just for sight-seeing. In short, if it involves aircraft, I love it.... READ MORE

An Aerial View of Aviation’s Hectic History – Part One

Chartering a private jet for one reason of another is so common today that we often forget how we got to where we are. Indeed, modern engineers have had some problems of late with the grounding of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the... READ MORE