Monthly Archives: February 2013

Is the U.S. Falling Behind in Aviation Technology?

With the recent problems facing Boeing and the lithium-ion batteries as well as the issues found by Japanese officials with foreign matter on valves controlling fuel flow between tanks resulting in leaks, some are now wondering if America is falling... READ MORE

Boeing 787: The Dream Becomes a Nightmare

Could it get any worse for Boeing's 787 Dreamliner? United Continental is citing fuel leaks in addition to the lithium-ion battery problem for their recent decision to ground the plane until June 5, 2013, regardless of the outcome of Friday's... READ MORE

Is Boeing Serious About Repairs to the 787 Dreamliner?

Just yesterday it was leaked by an anonymous Congressional official that Boeing CEO Ray Conner will present a plan to the head of the FAA, Michael Huerta on Friday to get the grounded 787 Dreamliner’s in the air again. Boeing... READ MORE

How Certain is an American Airlines & U.S. Airways Merger and How Will This Impact Flyers?

Frequent Flyers worldwide are in a buzz over the February 14, 2013 announcement that American Airlines and U.S. Airways have negotiated an $11 Billion merger deal that has many wondering, “What Now?” The short answer is that as of now... READ MORE

When did Private Charter Flights Begin?

Today we take passenger flight travel for granted. Millions take to flight every year by commercial and private charter flight service. This is such a normal part of our lives, that we often forget that not too long ago, such flights were... READ MORE

Will Chartered Cargo Planes Shrink in Size?

Just today, the Associated Press announcedthat the U.N. agency that handles matters related to aircraft is moving to ban lithium-ion batteries larger than 11 pounds from transport on commercial aircraft. The news comes on the tail of the recent grounding of... READ MORE

Boeing 787 Dreamliner – Has the Dream Turned into a Nightmare?

Ever since the first Boeing 787 Dreamliner was unveiled in a much anticipated ceremony on July 8, 2007, aircraft enthusiasts worldwide have been enjoying the dream. However, after two battery compartment fires grounded the Dreamliner just last month, the dream... READ MORE

2013 Valentine’s Day Private Jet Destinations

This year, Valentine’s Day falls on the Thursday just before a three-day weekend for President’s Day. What does this mean for anyone wanting to get away for a romantic private charter flight to an exotic destination? It means that you... READ MORE